Crating Options

Pre-Built Production Crates

Made to your specifications and are ready and accessible for you to package and prepare your product for your customers. They can be delivered to your facilities on short notice, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Industrial Crates

Custom-built to accommodate your industrial machinery and can be used for plant and clean-room re-locations. Optional accessories include ramps, braces, open roofs, or heavy duty platforms with no walls. Our crates are designed to offer maximum protection while minimizing the volume for shipping.

Heavy Duty Platforms & Over-Sized Crates

Cost saving, heavy duty platforms can be constructed to load into freight trailers or sea containers directly from our docks. Built to suit specific transportation limitations, our heavy duty platforms can be delivered on site and ready for pick-up of the equipment. Final packaging and preparations are completed at our facility, crates can be built on site for direct loading for shipping.

Road, Air & Sea Lift-Vans

Custom built to meet international Government and Embassy requirements, our lift-vans are built to maximize space allocation of the contents being shipped. Our shipping crates can withstand outdoor storage and exposure to the elements through waterproofing and/or installation of roofing materials. This ensures the contents are protected. 

Trade Show Crates

Durable, accessible and reusable, show crates will allow you to focus on the show or exhibition and not on the condition of your product. Our trade show crates are designed for convenient access with ramps, wheels, latches and lined with protective materials. We can build for specific shipping requirements, lockable or partitioned, and capability of being dismantled for easy storage during shows & exhibitions. Your display case or product will arrive in show condition.

Fine Art Custom Crates

The shipping of fine art is a difficult and delicate process. Custom lined with high density foam, felt, acid-free paper and with separate storage compartments, our crates are built to specifications. Valuables are professionally packed and wrapped prior to crating. These crates can stand alone, be fitted with latches and/or handles for convenient access. Designed for Galleries, Museums, Government and Private Collections, our fine art crates will keep your valuables safe and protected during transit or storage.